Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moving Day...

This weekend, Neal and I moved out of our home of over 6 years. When our amazing friends, Sean and Sara, bought a house nearby, we jumped what may have been a little quickly into co-habitation in order to snag such a great space at a great deal. Luckily, the landing was perfect, and in this apartment we fell more in love, got engaged, got married, got new jobs, a writing career, and a future together. It's bittersweet to leave it.

The great guys at Northstar Moving pulled up 10 minutes early on Sunday morning and we raced around to pack up clothes, clear surfaces and get the last bits packed up. A few hours later our whole life was gone - enroute across town to Echo Park.

Back in the empty apartment on Sunday afternoon, we couldn't help but tear up. It may have been from the strain of heaving old air-conditioners out of the windows, but it was mostly from saying good-bye to our old home that had been so good to us.

I hope the next residents (It's still available by the way!) fill it with as much laughter, cooking, game nights, cocktail parties and love as we did.

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  1. Awe, that's such a sweet story. My boyfriend and I have just started looking at Toms River NJ real estate, mainly because our two best friends moved back from California! We are super excited to finally be close by them. I figured I would share my story with you since its very similar to yours. Thanks so much for sharing, and hopefully your having good luck with the new place!