Thursday, May 17, 2012

I need your help...

Tomorrow our countertops are installed. We chose a blackish/dark grey honed granite (Absolute Black Honed if you want me to be exact) thinking that it would look like a natural stone and be durable enough beyond our time in this apartment. Our cabinets are white. Our knobs and pulls are satin nickel.

Now is the time we must choose a backsplash. I am torn. I had been decided on white subway tile with dark grout, but have changed my mind. I want more texture and more interest than that. But I'm stuck between two ideas. Help me.

FIRST OPTION:  Fern Green Heath Tile from their Modern Basics collection. We'd get the 2x6 tiles. I like the varied tones, I love the texture and gloss, but worry about committing to a color.

This is a pic of the actual tile we'd get - It's in a bathroom, and stacked instead of "running" like subway tile would go.

This is an inspirational picture of white cabinets, dark counters and the same kind of pulls. This green might be a little yellower than ours, and this kitchen obviously has some crazy light going on. Jealous.

OPTION TWO: Small Carrera Marble Tile from wherever is cheapest. I'm thinking 2x4 or even a herringbone, though that can get pricey. I love that it's a neutral, yet bright, and that the natural variations in the marble give the wall a lot of texture.  I also think it might be cool to have this blank slate and then have fun accessorizing the kitchen with all sorts of other textures and colors and fabrics and pottery, etc

Here are a couple inspirational pics of marble:

Which way should we go? HELP!


  1. Both look awesome, but I'm partial to HEATH. PLEASE GO HEATH!!!

  2. I don't think you'd ever get tired of that glossy pale green tile... but, then again, what do I know?? :)

  3. I love you both, but I have a sinking suspicion you are biased.

  4. Go green! I have a green kitchen. Fun times!