Friday, May 4, 2012

Exciting progress...

You guys, exciting things are happening in our kitchen. Here's a little status report.

Here is what it looked like when we bought the place - can lights AND hideous boob lights, gross tile, and just gross everything:

Then our contractor's team ripped EVERYTHING OUT. Fridge, washer and dryer got craigslisted, stove was moved to the front rental unit. Gas, water, washer hookups were moved to fit new kitchen plan, and hardwood replaced the nasty tile - it's still covered here. Our Ikea kitchen was delivered in boxes and bags.

Instead of waiting on Ikea to install - last month was the kitchen sale so it wouldn't have been til May 23rd! yikes! - our guys tackled the job. They actually used powertools though - not the little wrench that comes with Ikea furniture.

This was the place last night. Cabinets in, new recessed light, that's our new deep sink leaning against the back wall. Appliances come today and fabricator gets started on countertops next week!

We're so close!!


  1. yay! how nice to be able to follow your progress, love the blog :)