Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The work begins...

We took ownership of the duplex yesterday!

And after walking our contractor and his guys through it last night, work began today. Because we need to rent the front apartment ASAP they are tackling that first. Fresh paint, new AC/Heat Units, new carpet, garbage disposal, etc.

We'll do some "Before and Afters" eventually but I can't wait to see how just a brighter coat of white paint changes the whole thing.

I know painting is easy and the DIY Blog World is probably going to hate that we're hiring guys to do it, but we both have day jobs. And need to get this place rented. AND don't really want to paint this railing ourselves. We have plenty of time for DIY.

More pics of everything this weekend...when we DUM DUM DUUUUH...will be showing the place to potential tenants! eek!

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