Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's the little things...

Slowly but surely, we're trying to not only make our duplex a nice place to live, but also a nice place to look at. We want to do new fences, railings, doors, etc. but started small. House numbers.

There were crappy gross tile numbers over the rental front door, none on our half, and only gross stickers on the nasty mailboxes. We replaced the mailboxes with clean black ones asap. Put new sticker numbers on those, then bought clean, simple modern numbers at Home Depot to put on the front. 

Super easy, especially with the masonry bit my dad left behind. We laid out the included number templates. Used our newest Home Depot purchase, a hole set, to punch holes in the stucco, drilled.


Then squirted some silicone in the holes, and pushed in the numbers. We decided to go with slighly elevated numbers, so there's a half inch or so bar between the number and bar that makes them look a little 3D. We did them slightly askew - hinting to people that 2008 is in the BACK and 2010 is the front.

We dig them. Still need to touch up the paint around them, but they already look clean, modern and give us a LITTLE more personality than before!


  1. Very impressed, guys! Also, can't wait to be neighbors! (like less than 2 weeks!)

  2. OMG we have the same ones! House number twins! Of course we haven't put them up yet... woops.